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My name is Master Brian, I’ve been a member of this community for going on 30 years. As a Master, and as a Top for play/scenes, I had a desire for well crafted tools that would last. Being a very heavy player, these were hard to come by at times. So as a wood crafter, I began designing my own high quality Floggers, Dragon Tails, Paddles, Wands and other impact toys and implements of pain.

Being a Sadist, of course my Toy Bag has to have a wide variety to offer and the more I played, the more I came up with. I have been focused on making Floggers for about 8 years, along with my other toys. Everything I make has a lifetime guarantee*.

I’ve been selling mostly at shows in and around the Phoenix area, but am committed to give focus to selling online now too. I always have a selection in stock, but also take custom orders.

I use only high quality leather, I buy the hides and all of the falls are cut from a full hide. I turn all of my handles on a lathe, be it exotic woods, acrylic or a hybrid of both. All of my products are hand crafted, start to finish. As such, patience is appreciated when putting in a custom order, as I also work full time and teach a Floggers EDGE and Whippers EDGE each month at my local dungeon.

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